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NetSuite OpenAir


What is PSA?

NetSuite OpenAir is the best-in-class professional services automation (PSA) software that helps you manage projects and achieve schedules and costs. Accessing real-time project information in one single database means users can create the appropriate and accurate milestones and deadlines, improving project completion record and efficient assignment of resources to the right project as timeline evolves. By linking interdependent activities Project Manager and involved profiles can get the complete picture of the project status, foresee eventual problems that may occur and have the solution beforehand. NetSutie OpenAir also provides comprehensive time sheet and billing and revenue recognition capabilities ensuring you instantly know the profitability of each project.

NetSuite OpenAir Benefits

Reduce costs by up to 40% and increase customer satisfaction by using service 4.0 technologies.

Designed from the ground up to serve the needs of your growing services delivery business, our solutions are easy to implement, and simple to maintain. And as your processes change, NetSuite's powerful configurability and expanded capabilities in project management, resource management, project financials, billing and invoicing, available when you need them.

The result, more satisfied clients and better company results.