NetSuite ERP runs all of your key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud


Real Estate

Our expertise in real estate domains can develop a platform that combines the strengths of experienced technology entrepreneurs and an established corporate real estate firm. Through our highly scalable proprietary enterprise software, we can change the way you run your business. We cater to all your Real estate requirements whether you are a small or a multi-property business.


We offer a specialized software solution for construction and project management companies with flexible tools and methods throughout the entire contracting cycle, including project planning, execution and management. This allows for a more effective distribution and management of time, machinery, resources and employees.


We provide end-to-end retail solutions that streamline retailers processes and improve customer experience including Inventory and product management, Point of Sales, and eCommerce connectors.

IT Services

Fully streamlined IT services that meet every need you may have. We provide you with cutting edge IT solutions that improve productivity and aid in you to grow your enterprise IT infrastructure.

Project Management

We help business professionals to oversee multiple endeavors. Functions include task distribution, time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, team collaboration, and many more. We offer comprehensive project management software comparison based on common features.


Our range of Security and IT systems for hospitality and leisure are designed to offer these services:

  1. Property Surveillance
  2. Room access & Facilities Access
  3. Restricted Area Control
  4. IT Infrastructure

Media & Entertainment

Our software solutions fit seamlessly into companies across the media and entertainment sectors, to include advertising, broadcasting, and music. Providing in-depth, immediate business insight, our software puts you firmly in control, giving you the right tools and information to enhance business performance.


Our software addresses the varying needs in your Supply Chain, Retail Operations, Imports and Exports, Contracts and Financial Services, Trade, and Human Resources.


We offer a streamlined production process, better product quality, detailed inventory management, efficient supply chain management, efficient budgeting exercises, delivery of raw-materials, storage, distribution, financial flow, relationships with partners and customers, and overall production optimizations. That means more value, more quantity, lower prices and faster delivery.


We specifically design flexible and configurable food and beverage solutions to boost sales and profitability. Our special software assists businesses in the food and beverage industry with growth, control, processing, shipment and sales of products and services. Our customized software assist with raw materials with maintenance, monitoring, stock control, and helps to ensure quality and consistency of input and output. This includes inventory monitoring, automatic ingredient adjustment and production chain optimization.