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NetSuite ERP


What is NetSuite ERP?

Every organisation needs to manage many back-office processes to keep the business running. ERP helps enterprises increase productivity and profit by defining protocols for each process and link them together, so there is no need to consult different applications to keep track of the main KPIs. NetSuite is designed to rapidly adjust to changes in technology and business, maximising enterprise agility.

The NetSuite advantage. You can either choose a horizontal offer that lends best-in-class functionality, regardless of your vertical industry or specific configuration, or you can customise it to be unique. A typical ERP has different modules that can be purchased separately depending on the specific needs of the organisation. Instead, NetSuite ERP comes with all main modules that can be tailored, and offers advanced functionalities to upgrade.

NetSuite ERP Benefits

Improves Process Efficiency Across the Organisation. Automating key processes such as order management, fulfilment, invoicing, cash collection, expense approvals and financial consolidation, amongst many others, allowing a more restrained workforce and assigning higher-value activities to employees. According to Nucleus Research, on a NetSuite ERP ROI study: accelerates financial close times by + 50%; increases sales productivity by 12.5%; increases inventory turns by 50%, and cuts order processing time by 66%, amongst other efficiencies.

Real-time visibility is important in making timely informed decisions. When information can be accessed instantly from almost anywhere you gain better informed employees and faster and more accurate decisions.

IT Time and Cost Savings. No more procuring, installing, and maintaining multiple systems and time consuming integrations between them means a significant reduction in operational costs.

Accelerated growth: With an integrated software system, expansion to multiple locations and additional sales channels can be accomplished a lot faster because of unified order and accounting management processes and data. Companies can also upsell and cross-sell more efficiently to their existing customer base because of the improved visibility they obtain.

User-Driven Innovation: It is the system that works for the organisation. Because of its ease of use, authorised personnel can tailor processes and applications in a way that improves performance.